Bright Bag

A bright bag to show you on a bit of a dark day. Two new techniques for me in this bag, the magnetic snap and the slider on the strap. Neither of which was difficult, but it is fun to add something to a bag to make it even more useful.

Much as I like to make things just because they are pretty and it is nice to finish something, I like even more to create something that is beautiful and meant to be used.

The inside of this bag is like a party.

This one is spoken for (and not by the cat, despite what he might think), but let me know if you want one for yourself, or a gift for a friend. I have some others in the works!
Local friends, join me this weekend in Post Mills as I help Revels North prepare breakfast for the early risers at the Balloon Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Balloons launch between 6–8 am, but reveling of all kinds (offical and non-official!) goes on all morning. Admission to the event is free. Breakfast is $8 adults/$5 kids/free for little kids.
A lot in the works right now, so I’ll share more soon!


This one is mine.

I love sewing for other people, but in my quest for the perfect bag (anyone else have a similar quest?), I could not pass up making this tote from Noodlehead made with this gorgeous fabric from Cloud 9.

First, the fabric. It is organic, which I love. Ideally, all of my purchases would be organic fabric, and my latest purchases from Hawthorne Threads were almost all organic. It is also barkcloth, which was really fun to work with, if a bit difficult on my machine. The barkcloth is soft but also seems quite rugged. It is perfect for this bag. It is also just a gorgeous design, called Timewarp from Jessica Jones.

Now, the pattern. This is the second bag I’ve made with a Noodlehead pattern. This one is the supertote. It is now my go-to bag when I am stepping out, whether with the kids, to the gym, or to teach. Anna provides great instruction. I bought my pattern as a pdf and there was not too much taping together to do, which I find an annoying step in pdf patterns.

Inside is roomy, with a pocket to hold my workout shoes. But it is not so vast that I lose things in the bottom (not anything I’ve missed yet if it’s down there, anyway).

Third, things I would change–because in the quest for the perfect bag, there is always something to change.

Next time (of course there will be a next time!), I am going to try stiffer interfacing. This time I used SF101, which is nice because it doesn’t wrinkle the way a stiffer interfacing can. However, the bag is a bit saggier than I had in mind. It’s not ugly or a problem, just not precisely what I had in mind.

I’m also going to make it a bit smaller. I do like this size, but a wee bit smaller might be even better. Maybe even perfect!

Meanwhile, I have a bag and a couple of crowns for others I need to get to! Let me know if there’s a gift I can make for a special person in your life. I love to sew with someone special in mind.

Happy spring!