Post about Post

oh, my.  Has it been so embarrassingly long as this?  I am still here, and creating, just not posting.  Life got unexpectedly busy soon after my last post, when we welcomed our foster daughter into our lives.  Two months old at the time, she is still with us.  It’s wonderful and delightful.  And three is a herd of children!

Creating and posting took a back seat for a while, but I have been creating lately and hopefully posting will be at least sporadic, rather than nonexistent!

I’m prompted to write at last because a great new store in White River Junction is carrying some bags I’ve created.  Post is owned and operated by Pam Post, and is full of fun, useful and beautiful items to help you in your every day life if you read, write, carry things in bags, dry dishes, play games, send cards, etc.

There are loads of giftable items in there, though I admit that I have purchased mostly for me.  Even if you don’t buy, Pam is very nice to talk with and the atmosphere is inviting, quiet and relaxed.

Here’s a sample of the bags of mine Post is carrying.  Three sizes, three colorways for now. Outer fabric is organic cotton canvas, liner is wipe clean.  Find more in downtown WRJ at Post!

Thanks for reading, and happy fall.




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