Creative: 2014

It was a wonderfully creative 2014. My one wish is that I had shared it more often on the blog. Here’s to sharing more in 2015. Meanwhile, a brief tour through some of my finished projects of 2014:

Caleb’s bag, a puppet kit with personalized bag. I use a greatly modified version of the bike messenger bag tutorial on She has tons of great tutorials, and you can get daily email inspirations from her which are always brief, look terrific, and are full of fun ideas and links.

These two projects went to brothers down south, thus the polka dots and color scheme that link them. I am trying out different ideas with my owl eyes so they are not so onerous to make. These may be so giant they cross the line from cute to creepy…especially in this shot! They really were cuter in person!

Hugh got his own bag and some new puppet blanks to go along with the kit I had made him for his birthday in July. Who knew a simple gift would turn into me humming away at my sewing machine for many evenings this fall? Kits went out to kids in several states!

When I am not crafting for my business, I can often be found crafting for our little preschool we do weekly with a group of friends. It has been such fun to create characters to bring stories to life. Here is a pipe cleaner and floss version of Johnny Appleseed. How I wish I had a video of Kari telling his story–she made an amazing campfire, a beautiful apple tree that changed with the seasons, and she made Johnny Appleseed whistle like nobody’s business. I can do fun things with felt, but whistling is not among my skillset! My kids love to use these creations to tell their own stories once I have finished with them.

Finally, not my craft at all but a creation of Matty’s. The jars were out on the counter, left over from the previous day’s preschool craft of soup in a jar. (We poured beans into jars, added spice packets, and packaged them up prettily for teacher and grandparent gifts, as well as donation to The Haven, our local food pantry and shelter.). Next morning, Matty used the jars and our fruit bowl to, in his words, “make a craft!”

Oh, and really finally, check out the website for Revels North. I am very fortunate to be involved in this wonderful organization, through several of their programs, as a dancer and choreographer. This year’s Christmas show was a particuarly wonderful experience for me, reaching into new creative territory in dance and choreography. In 2015, I will continue to work with them on the Revels Kids and Revels Teens programs, as well as Summer Revels.

I look forward to seeing you through some creative endeavour in the new year, and will do my best to share more on the blog in the months to come!


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