This Week’s Fun

I was the only Sharon I knew growing up, and it was never easy to find a toothbrush, or barrettes, or birthday card with my name on it. So when Barbara ordered a finger puppet kit for her neice, and mentioned personalizing this bag would mean a lot to Mylena, it was my seven-year old self that said yes.

My first thought was to embroider her name on it, but I love this font (ziggy zoe) and my embroidery stitches are never quite what I want them to be, so I settled for printing on fabric and sewing it on. I'm pleased with the result, and hope she is, too.

These finger puppet kits are such fun to put together–perhaps another glimpse of my seven-year old self, who loves anything to do with glitter and glue?

Happy sewing, and happy summer!

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Fun

  1. What a great idea! I love this….I, too, had and still have a name that is unusual. Folks were always buying me things with Donna on them! I love this personalization. Thanks, Sharon. D

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