Resting Comfortably

One of my original dolls came for a visit yesterday. Sharon (for that is what they call her, how sweet is that?) is so well-loved that the back of her head wore through. Seams still good (thank you, triple stitch), but the felt on the back of her head actually wore through. She had been patched by a loving grandma, but the felt around the patch wore out.  Time for something different.

She came to me looking like this:

Loved dolly (c) Sewn in Vermont
That is wool stuffing coming out of the back of her little, well-loved head.

She is now resting comfortably, looking like this:

Instead of trying another patch, I decided to make her a new head. This time, I put a double layer of wool felt at the back of her head, since we know this little girl likes to hold and cuddle her dolly there.

Sharon (dolly Sharon, that is) is now resting comfortably, waiting for her ride. Matty was quite taken when he found her on the porch this morning! He sang a little song while he rocked her. Let’s hope this dolly’s mama is impressed, too!

M rocks dolly (c) Sewn in Vermont

This Week’s Fun

I was the only Sharon I knew growing up, and it was never easy to find a toothbrush, or barrettes, or birthday card with my name on it. So when Barbara ordered a finger puppet kit for her neice, and mentioned personalizing this bag would mean a lot to Mylena, it was my seven-year old self that said yes.

My first thought was to embroider her name on it, but I love this font (ziggy zoe) and my embroidery stitches are never quite what I want them to be, so I settled for printing on fabric and sewing it on. I'm pleased with the result, and hope she is, too.

These finger puppet kits are such fun to put together–perhaps another glimpse of my seven-year old self, who loves anything to do with glitter and glue?

Happy sewing, and happy summer!