Ruffle Bag

It would never have occurred to me to sew a purple polka-dotted ruffle on a bag, but what a great idea, no?

My favorite part of this bag is under that ruffled flap, when we get to see three crisp, bright fabrics that somehow look great together, despite being three totally different prints. That's a pocket, too!

I love this bag, but it is in Pennsylvania, enjoying life with a little girl who wanted a big-girl bag, like her mama has.

This week and next I am working on some sewing to send to Plymouth Artisan Cheese. They have a store and sell my goods now and again. Their cheese is excellent, and I am very proud to have my dolls, owls, and bags sold alongside their terrific cheese. Check them out here. And keep me in mind if you need anything with ruffles on it!

Bright Bag

A bright bag to show you on a bit of a dark day. Two new techniques for me in this bag, the magnetic snap and the slider on the strap. Neither of which was difficult, but it is fun to add something to a bag to make it even more useful.

Much as I like to make things just because they are pretty and it is nice to finish something, I like even more to create something that is beautiful and meant to be used.

The inside of this bag is like a party.

This one is spoken for (and not by the cat, despite what he might think), but let me know if you want one for yourself, or a gift for a friend. I have some others in the works!
Local friends, join me this weekend in Post Mills as I help Revels North prepare breakfast for the early risers at the Balloon Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Balloons launch between 6–8 am, but reveling of all kinds (offical and non-official!) goes on all morning. Admission to the event is free. Breakfast is $8 adults/$5 kids/free for little kids.
A lot in the works right now, so I’ll share more soon!