Blueberries (and a boy)!

This blueberry-loving boy was very happy to pose with my latest goods.

blueberry boy, Sewn in Vermont©sharongcomeau 2014

blueberry boy and owls, Sewn in Vermont©sharongcomeau 2014

When you can take your eyes off that smiling face for a moment, see if you can find the theme among my latest products.

I just finished a big batch of custom sewing for my brother and sister-in-law, who are Rocky Point Blueberry Farm, in Warwick, RI.  In addition to being a lovely spot to visit and spend some time, they have an amazing, very easy to pick crop of blueberries ripening (Rhode Islanders, they expect to open in July, meet up with us there!), and they will expand their offerings this year to include some other blueberry-themed goods, including my own stuffed friends and bags, all with a blueberry theme.

It is always fun for me to sew with a specific person or theme in mind, and it was a fun design challenge to keep what I think of my signature–bold colors, no two alike–with the limited supply of blueberry fabric I had to work with.  Please contact me at if you have a custom project in mind.  I have made dolls from favorite, but outgrown, shirts; pillows from worn blankets; and made-to-order bags with custom fabrics and straps.  I never charge extra, as every piece is unique!

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!