Fun with Felt

One of the great benefits of my sewing business is having material on hand for spontaneous creations.

I buy nearly all of my felt from TaDaa Studio. She sells wool blend felt (20–35% wool, depending on the color). In addition to having good prices and an amazing selection (I just checked, 103 colors!), she ships immediately and always includes a few sample bits.

I treated myself to one of her dream packs of felt, and it has been such fun to have a huge palette of felt to chose from for quick little projects now and then.

Inspired by many sites showing felt finger puppets, but in particular this one, I put together a really fun finger puppet making kit as a birthday gift.

These farm animals (duck, sheep, cow, pig, rooster and horse) are cut out and sewn into the puppet shape, and are ready to have eyes, ears, noses, and so forth glued onto them.

These are blanks (sorry for the huge shadow) that could become anything–animals, monsters, kings and queens?

Here are all of the embellishments (jewels, ric-rac, buttons, feathers, pom-poms, googly eyes) to turn these bits of felt into amazing critters for the fingers! I even included tiny bottles of glue. I am sure they have some, but as the mom of two I can tell you it is not always easy to find the glue.

I put everything together in a little kid shoebox that I wrapped in plain craft paper. My kids were terribly disappointed to learn that this little box of fun was going off to their friend, instead of staying home with us. Truth is, so was I, but I will definitely be making one (or two) of these for us at home.

Such fun to work with felt, a material I would not have were it not for the doll hair and owl eyes. These fabrics are not only fun to work with, but are durable, earth friendly, beautiful to look at and to touch. Enjoy!

Polka Dots

polka dotted cuties edited © Sewn in Vermont and Sharon G. Comeau

These sweet people are my children.  They were hopping all over my fabric as I was trying to photograph it, so I finally gave in and let them chose their favorites to lie on.  And though my boy loves pink and green and red, too, he was drawn to the blue polka-dots.  And my girl, though I tried to get her to lie on the trucks, or the birds, or just about anything else, wanted the hot pink ones.  There is only so much a mama can do.

I am thrilled with the fabrics I purchased for this season’s sewing!  If you’ve been at all tempted by Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors line, don’t wait.  Buy it.  The colors are deep and satisfying, the prints are clear, the fabric itself lovely.  Makes me want to buy more fabric from the line, by Westminster/Free Spirit.  But before I do that, I best get sewing on these!  Check back to see what they become.

amh true colors © sewn in vermont

(Oh, and that little black foot you see is my cat.  She loves a good project.)