Polka Dots

polka dotted cuties edited © Sewn in Vermont and Sharon G. Comeau

These sweet people are my children.  They were hopping all over my fabric as I was trying to photograph it, so I finally gave in and let them chose their favorites to lie on.  And though my boy loves pink and green and red, too, he was drawn to the blue polka-dots.  And my girl, though I tried to get her to lie on the trucks, or the birds, or just about anything else, wanted the hot pink ones.  There is only so much a mama can do.

I am thrilled with the fabrics I purchased for this season’s sewing!  If you’ve been at all tempted by Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors line, don’t wait.  Buy it.  The colors are deep and satisfying, the prints are clear, the fabric itself lovely.  Makes me want to buy more fabric from the line, by Westminster/Free Spirit.  But before I do that, I best get sewing on these!  Check back to see what they become.

amh true colors © sewn in vermont

(Oh, and that little black foot you see is my cat.  She loves a good project.)

Shopping Spree

In my business, it’s a good sign to get to the end of the year and need to buy fabric.  It means I was sewing so much that I used up all I had.  While I can’t say my shelves are bare, I did make a big dent in my stash sewing for fall and early winter shows.

Though I shop locally (Hen House Fabric right here in White River Junction) for some fabrics, I do find that I must travel or buy online to find what I need to create the fun variety of owls, dolls, and bags that liven up my craft fair booth.

Two weeks ago, friends and I headed to Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH.  I stocked up on some wonderful fabric there, including a corduroy from Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee line (check it out here), destined to become dolly shorts and dresses.

To round out my stash as I start sewing for this year’s season, I ordered from Hawthorne Threads.  I like the way their website is set up, they always have a big sale section, and they have nice discounts on all of their fabrics for larger orders.

I tend to buy a lot of fabric at once, use it until I can’t put any more combinations together, then restock.  This forces me to use fabric from my stash, and put fabrics together in combinations I might not otherwise.

I’ll tell you more about my process as I post more here, and include some pictures of the fabric when it arrives.  You will find me at the post office tomorrow morning, yellow slip in hand to claim my wonderful package!

Thanks for reading,